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Another day, another dollar, as they say... But to me, another day calls for more pain from the past. Especially today. Today is the anniversary of... let's just say it's something very painful yet important to me. It's a very long story, but if you're willing to hear it, I'd be glad to let it off my chest.
It's up to you, though. But if you want to know, here it goes... How do I start? Hm... I know...


This morning, I wake up a few minutes later than I usually do. I put my school clothes on, and leave my room. I walk down the corridors until I reach the stairs. Rubbing my eyes, I begin to climb down the stairs. I have no mood for breakfast today, so I just pass by the dining hall. When I reach the lobby of the orphanage, I saw a certain senior. Senior Rickiesun- or Senior Rick, for short. He's done with his days in the orphanage, but he decides to stay here and help around.
"Good morning, Dreg," he greets me.
"Morning, Senior Rick."
"Someone's early today," he smiles.
"Yeah, I skipped breakfast.Not really in the mood for any," I reply simply.
Senior Rick chuckles."Well, then. I hope you don't go hungry later."
I just smile, and leave. Our school is right next door. It's also another property of the owner of the orphanage; Mr Rimson. I go straight to my class, and continue my sleep. Little did I know that today, I will achieve something. Something that will change my life forever...
Tears From Heaven: Prologue
Warning: This will be a 'shounen-ai' story, so if you don't like it, don't read it. 
Hey everyone... I guess they finally found it (through the satellite, I mean), and our prime minister has confirmed that it dived right into the South Indian Ocean, but hey, miracles happen, right? Maybe they did survive (hopefully...) So let's not stop praying for them until the corpses are found... Please let them be safe...Amen
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