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Tears From Heaven: Prologue
Another day, another dollar, as they say... But to me, another day calls for more pain from the past. Especially today. Today is the anniversary of... let's just say it's something very painful yet important to me. It's a very long story, but if you're willing to hear it, I'd be glad to let it off my chest.
It's up to you, though. But if you want to know, here it goes... How do I start? Hm... I know...
This morning, I wake up a few minutes later than I usually do. I put my school clothes on, and leave my room. I walk down the corridors until I reach the stairs. Rubbing my eyes, I begin to climb down the stairs. I have no mood for breakfast today, so I just pass by the dining hall. When I reach the lobby of the orphanage, I saw a certain senior. Senior Rickiesun- or Senior Rick, for short. He's done with his days in the orphanage, but he decides to stay here and help around.
"Good morning, Dreg," he greets me.
"Morning, Senior Rick."
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Nyu's art meme by Umikarakey Nyu's art meme :iconumikarakey:Umikarakey 1 2
Death Note: Erased Memory part 1
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Not a chat, just dialogue++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Warning: the following story is a fanfic.
Mello and Matt went out of their room to search for L. Then, they found him in front of a certain room that had the tag "Do Not Enter [for now, please]". L saw them and said
L: Ah, Mello and Matt. I was just waiting for you two. Please, come in.
M: But, L, it says there "do not enter" so why enter anyways?
M2: Yeah, why?
L: We are the ones who will use this room and no one besides us will be able to enter.
M2: Oh yeah, where's Near?
L: He is inside. You two should go in too. Actually, please do.
M: Okay.
M 2: Alright.
They went in and saw Near wearing a metal helmet that was connected to a computer. They were frightened and asked L
M: L, why do you want to do this to us?
M2: Yeah, this is way too freaky even for me!
L looked at them and blinked. Then, he looked at Near. Near's eyes were opened very widely and his mouth was slightly opened.   
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Death Note: Wammy boys chat +-Part 1-+
7:08 PM Games Master: Hi, Mell!
7:09 PM Choco-Lover: Hi, Matt
7:09 PM Toy-man: Hi, Melly!!! <3
7:10 PM Choco-Lover: You love me, Toy-man?
7:10 PM Toy-man: Yepp!!!!
7:11 PM Choco-Lover: (Blushing)
7:12 PM (Lovely Cupcake is online)
7:13 PM Toy-man: Oh, sorry Mell! My love for you has expired now!
7:13 PM Choco-Lover: Awww..... Why? :{
7:14 PM Toy-man: Because now I love Lovely Cupcake
7:15 PM Games Master: Who's that?
7:15 PM Choco-Lover: Yeah, who?
7:15 PM Toy-man: Isn't it obvious? It's L...
7:16 PM Choco-Lover: How do you know?
7:16 PM Toy-man: Because I can see his screen. (He's not reading the messages)
7:17 PM Games Master: How can you see him?
7:18 PM Choco-Lover: (Hits Games Master) They're roommates, idiot!!!!!
7:20 PM Games-Master: Oww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you throw that chocolate bar at me?! The  sharp point of it hit my head!!!!!! D':
7:20 PM Toy-man: Haha!! In your face, Games Master
:iconumikarakey:Umikarakey 1 0
Fiery Hand by Umikarakey Fiery Hand :iconumikarakey:Umikarakey 0 0 Adventure Meme by Umikarakey Adventure Meme :iconumikarakey:Umikarakey 0 0 Heinz Doofenshmirtz... by Umikarakey Heinz Doofenshmirtz... :iconumikarakey:Umikarakey 1 0 Boring Day...... by Umikarakey Boring Day...... :iconumikarakey:Umikarakey 0 0


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:iconanastasia-ng4: :iconhitpointmemorial:


Nothing to say, really. Just wanted to write a bit. ^_^
  • Listening to: OLDCODEX & Style Five
  • Reading: Diary of a Wimpy Kid & Free! fanfics
  • Watching: Free!
  • Playing: Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar
  • Eating: Anything that's not rotten (mainly rice)
  • Drinking: Water
Nothing to say, really. Just wanted to write a bit. ^_^
  • Listening to: OLDCODEX & Style Five
  • Reading: Diary of a Wimpy Kid & Free! fanfics
  • Watching: Free!
  • Playing: Harvest Moon Grand Bazaar
  • Eating: Anything that's not rotten (mainly rice)
  • Drinking: Water



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I'm not a good painter. 😟


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